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Trial Approval for MLE’s Updated Motor Mechanism

One driver behind this latest version of Morris Line’s motorised switch, like the Omnia TTC, is to make good use of expensive possessions and limited work windows. Also, there is a desire to enhance the safety factors around isolations where unfortunately we do still see occasional serious injuries or even fatalities on the railway.

Network Rail’s Safer Isolations Programme will allow the nominated person working on a track section to apply an electronic lock, which will ensure any CMEs or FEDs on that section cannot be moved while that lock is in place. Equally, the control office will also be able to apply an electronic lock. Only when all responsible people confirm the site is clear and ready for earths to be removed, will the control office be able to re-energise. Morris Line has developed its motor mechanism with additional components to ensure that no-one can move that switch within existing operational boundaries.

Significantly, for projects wishing to install Morris Line motorised switches today, MLE can offer a mechanism with the additional functionality built in but disabled until the time that remote securing goes live.

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