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RIBE Case Study Archive

RIBE Conductor Fittings for National Grid

PACE Networks is privileged to be awarded multi-year framework contracts with National Grid for the framework for a range of Conductor Fittings with our partner RIBE. A range of Vibration Dampers from the framework has successfully passed a series of tests to NG specification TS 03.04.35. Type Registration of these products and the first orders are expected early in 2018.

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Vibration Dampers into a Western Power Distribution Project

PACE Networks and RIBE, one of our leading European partners, carried out the Vibration Study and successfully supplied more than 1,000 bolted Lynx Vibration Dampers to Omexom for a Western Power Distribution 132kV re-stringing project, within a constrained project programme tied to a fixed already booked schedule of outages.

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