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Substation Equipment & Services

PACE supply high quality surge arresters,
post insulators, monitoring equipment,
and design services

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Substation Equipment

Enhanced Protection

High reliability surge arresters.

Substation Equipment

Pollution Performance

HTV Polymeric insulators for reduced maintenance.

Substation Equipment

Condition Detection

More efficient maintenance and fewer failures with corona detection and surge arrestor monitoring.

Substation Equipment

Project & Operational Savings

Integrated design, BIM and 3D modelling for enhanced efficiency.

Substation Solutions

Stockists Of Surge Arrestors
And Post Insulators

Substation Solutions

Substation Solutions

Surge Arrester Monitoring, Corona
Detection, Design And Modelling Services

Substation Solutions

PACE Networks
and Services
for Substations

Substation Solutions

Substation Equipment

Transmission and distribution surge arresters
From our specialist manufacturers offering a range of construction technologies up to 800kV

PACE partner with Tridelta-Meidensha and Bonomi who produce high quality surge arresters from medium voltage up to 800kV. In addition to each of their significant experience in the design and production of arresters, they deliver innovations such as Tridelta’s polymer winding technology.

Substation Equipment

Universal surge arrester monitoring solution
A cloud based condition analysis tool for reduced failures and optimised maintenance schedules

The smartCOUNT solution from Tridelta-Meidensha is a new generation of monitoring technology that offers a universal platform for monitoring and assessing your arrester assets. The cloud based platform not only alerts operators to future problems with their arresters but enables condition based maintenance cycles.

Substation Equipment

Composite post insulators and conductor fittings
Superior pollution performance and reduced maintenance requirements from HTV polymerics

PACE partner Bonomi developed their Isoflon-E technology in the 1980s and the same technology is still in production since the first installation in 1990. Based on high temperature vulcanised silicone, the materials and process have proven to be one of the most reliable among composite insulators and offer both pollution and safety advantages over porcelain.

Substation Solutions

Bushing insulators with LPIT sensors
Smart grid infrastructure enables monitoring of current and voltage for enhanced reliability

Bonomi have collaborated with operators to develop a solution for enhanced detection and recovery from faults on 11 to 33kV networks. Their indoor and outdoor smart bushings and smart sensors enable the detection of the trunk of the network affected by a failure, it’s isolation and automatic resupply of healthy sections, without intervention from the central system.

Substation Solutions

Corona detection equipment and services
Gain vital insight on the condition and activity around HV assets for reliable operation

Ofil Systems produced the worlds first daytime corona camera in 1998 and their patented technology is a key tool for operators moving to condition based maintenance. PACE distributes a range of cameras from handheld, to airborne and vehicle mounted, and they are used by operators around the world to reduce failures through early identification of issues.

Substation Solutions

Integrated design services and modelling
Utilising the latest technology for efficient project delivery and operational advantage

RCM Technologies are a global provider of services based around an integrated design philosophy with a particular expertise in substation construction and brownfield engineering. They deliver project savings 4D modelling that significantly improves visibility of construction issues ahead of time, as well as improved cost accuracy.


“Bonomi’s long standing relationship with PACE is built on our joint commitment to providing better whole life value and innovative solutions to the UK network operators. PACE’s understanding of substations and UK projects allows us to deliver our range of products flexibly and with an emphasis on high service levels”

Diego Bonomi – Director at Gruppo Bonomi

See PACE Networks as your project partner; an extension of your team.

We can stock and supply equipment to fit the needs of your project. Avoid the delays that might normally occur due to site conditions or last-minute design updates. We provide both turnkey systems and point solutions, both of which can make the difference in achieving your project’s aims.

Life Model PACE Networks have long experience of Substation and OHL projects, working side-by-side with operators, contractors and manufacturers. We support the industry to realise project goals and increase whole life value.

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