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Rail Partners

PACE Networks does the due-diligence in product selection, we work with quality European manufacturers to deliver both technically and commercially strong solutions to our customers.

The PACE Rail
Electrification Partners

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Omnia is the result of a collaborative project between Bonomi Group, Satferr and GCF, three Italian companies that combined industry expertise to create the leading rail electrification cantilever system today.

Products include:
Cantilever suspension for overhead lines that can be applied to railway, underground or tramways.

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Morris Line Engineering
Morris Line Engineering has been at the leading edge of design and manufacture of high voltage disconnectors and switches for railway applications for over 35 years.

Products include:
25kV a.c. Rotating Isolators & Load Break Switches • 25kV a.c. Earthing Switches • Motor & Manual Operating Gear • 25kV a.c. Drop Out Expulsion Fuse Switches • 25kV a.c. Rocking Isolators

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Rebosio is a leading European manufacturer of HTV Silicone insulators for railways, power transmission and power distribution.

Products include:
Under bridge arms (insulated head option) • ATF post (twin conductor option) • tension insulators • strut and top tie insulators • heavy duty strut insulators, • eturn conductor insulators.

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Bonomi is an established supplier of cantilevers and overhead line fittings for railways across the world.

Products include:
Flexible droppers and loop droppers • OLE clamps (Earth, parallel groove • anchor clamps) • compression rail bonding • tensioning devices • aluminium alloy cantilevers.

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RIBE are market leaders in the design and manufacture of power supply, data transmission and rail transport infrastructure systems. From medium to extra-high voltage, RIBE electrical fittings offer customers convincing performance with the highest reliability, intelligent design and extraordinary value.

Products include:
Contact Wire Crossover Bar • Brake wheel for safe weight tensioning • European and International markets • Rail products include: OLE structures.

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Ofil Systems
Ofil Systems is the world leading developer and manufacturer of corona cameras – optical and digital UV detection and imaging solutions. Ofil produce a wide range of solutions for the rail industry, avoiding commissioning delays and making maintenance safer, less disruptive and less costly.

Products include:
Hand, vehicle, drone & helicopter mounted • train mounted cameras

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How does PACE Select its Product Suite?

We work with quality European partners that can deliver value and expertise to the UK & Ireland

Complementary Products Complementary

Select a portfolio of complementary products and solutions that deliver a strong customer service.

Due-Diligence Due-

Complete due-diligence both technically and commercially for the UK & Ireland market.

Product Positioning Product

Enable product positioning and solution development to ensure customer satisfaction.

Whole Life Whole

Ensure products deliver both Whole Life Cost reductions and Whole Life Value improvements.

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