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PACE Networks
Rail Live Stand C1C
21 & 22
June 2017

The Rail Electrification Infrastructure Stand

Involved with electrification infrastructure? If you are, make sure you attend this year’s Rail Live event where PACE Networks, the electrification infrastructure specialist, will be exhibiting a portfolio of products, technologies and manufacturers from the UK and Europe focused around rail electrification infrastructure.

Morris Line Engineering will be running demonstrations of their motorised Load Break Switch with integrated earthing. OMNIA will be showcasing the cantilever used on all Network Rail Series 2 Electrification projects, highlighting future development plans for this innovative project.

Shown on the stand will be the Bonomi Section Insulator that recently received approval with Italian rail and has great potential for the UK market, also being shown will be their latest dropper solutions and a range of Rebosio insulators. Representatives from Bonomi, Morris Line Engineering, OMNIA and Rebosio will be available to discuss your latest project matters, future trends and plans.

Please stop by stand C1C and talk to the team if you are involved with: Cantilevers, Isolation & Switching, Insulators, Earthing Solutions, Tensioning Devices, Section Insulators, Droppers, Under Bridge Arms, Structures and Plant.

Latest Technologies from

OMNIA | Rebosio | Bonomi | Morris Line Engineering | CE2000 | NAEF

Product Areas Include:

OMNIA Cantilevers | Isolation & Switching | Isoflon-E Insulators | Earthing Solutions | Tensioning Devices | Section Insulators | Droppers | Under Bridge Arms | Structures | Plant


Rail Live 2017

21 JUNE 2017 10.00am – 16.30pm 22 JUNE 2017 10.00am – 16.00pm

Where to find us?

Stand C1C Long Marston, Warwickshire
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