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Project Support

We support our customers in increasing reliability, improving safety, reducing whole life costs and increasing whole life value.

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Delivering Value to the Industry

We aim to provide a comprehensive set of services to our customers
We aim to be an extension of our customers team

Ultimately – We aim to effectively support our customers, providing solutions to issues and exceed our customers’ expectations.


PACE Customer Training

Through our technology partners and PACE itself, we can offer a portfolio of training opportunities to support our customer’s and the industries. Training can be hosted at a customers chosen location, or at technology partner’s manufacturing facility. We can also provide an online service if this is more suitable to requirements. Training can be based around installation, upgrades, maintenance or equipment use.

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Materials Delivery Support

Collaboration through the project delivery process, to ensure materials and equipment arrive when you need them. UK project time schedules are all too often compressed and pressure on supply lines can create difficulties for installers and manufacturers alike. We welcome early involvement in projects to understand the construction needs. PACE utilises stocking profiles from project data to shorten lead times, meaning construction site time is used more efficiently.

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Testing & Evaluation Support

Through our technology partners and industry contacts, PACE can arrange a variety of product and system evaluations. We’ve been heavily involved in mechanical and electrical testing, leading to new product approvals, product enhancements and reliability testing. We can offer testing for manufacturers, installers and operators in areas such as power arc testing, electrical endurance, mechanical endurance, load limit testing and vibration studies. This can be for new products or for products recovered from active service. Testing expertise is a key criteria in our selection of technology partners.

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