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Transmission and Distribution Insulators from PACE Networks

PACE Networks offers a wide range of composite insulators for power infrastructure markets in partnership with Rebosio.

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Composite Insulator Solutions –
11kV up to 400 kV

PACE Networks offers a wide range of composite insulators for power infrastructure markets in partnership with Rebosio, part of the Bonomi Group. With over 60 years of composite insulator experience, Rebosio has played a key role in proliferating the use of polymeric insulators across Europe.

7 million
distribution insulators installed globally

1.5 million
transmission insulators installed globally

HTV silicone
technology consistent for 30 years

pollution and saline performance

Safer work
environment with 80% weight reduction

A Trusted Design and Technology

Transmission and Distribution Insulators

Rebosio’s HTV silicone insulators have played a significant role in spreading the use of polymeric insulators on European power networks.

The success of that development means clients can trust materials and construction processes that are unchanged in over 30 years with an exemplary service record.

Rebosio studied a number of materials before launching the Isoflon-E product range. The key to the housing material selected is its natural ability to recover its surface hydrophobicity, even in challenging service conditions.

This ability enables high levels of performance compared to legacy insulation technologies or other composite products. Rebosio’s no compromise approach to the manufacture of polymeric insulators encompasses:

Seamless, homogeneous moulding of the insulator housing
100% quality control built in to the crimping process, from the rod to end fittings
In-house manufacturing facility for glass reinforced core rods


The Benefits

Improved Safety:
Light weight therefore it easier to handle
Less working at height due to faster construction times

Light and easy to handle
Robust materials so easy to transport/handle
Less weight means lower construction and transportation costs
High strength to weight ratio
UK stock with PACE Networks

Impact on Public Relations:
Improved modern appearance
Downtime projects completed more quickly

Product Lifespan and Reliability:
High saline and pollution performance
Higher vandal resistance
Proven Rebosio Isoflon-E HTV Silicone

The Composite
Insulator Brochure
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