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Power Grid Technologies

PACE Networks provide low and high voltage equipment for transmission, distribution & rail networks

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PACE Power Grid Technology Suite

From the Trident package to substation structures, PACE offers a complete and competitive range of T&D technologies

Transmission & Distribution Substation Infrastructure
  • Surge Arresters
  • Substation Structures
Low Voltage Equipment
Indoor Substation Switchgear
Substation Insulators


Power Grid Technology Suite

PACE Power Grid Best Sellers

PACE Networks is working hard to improve reliability and safety.

Bonomi Rebosio, PACE Network’s leading European partner, have supplied their range of high-quality products to projects worldwide:


PACE Power Grid Key Projects

The extensive expertise and portfolio is demonstrated through our ability to deliver a wide variety of projects across multiple sectors. A small number of projects are highlighted, please contact PACE Networks for further references or projects.

  • Trident Line Replacement – Oswestry to Legacy
  • HA Trial
  • Western Power Distribution – Full String Sets
  • Vibration Dampers into a Western Power Distribution Project
  • Development of a 275 kV Prototype
  • Rebosio Polymeric Insulators for National Grid
Power Grid Key Projects

PACE Power Grid Product Suite

Diagnosis. Power. Mobility. Leading. Global. Innovation. Significant. Environmental.

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