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PACE Announce New Partner Ofil Systems

Winter NewsletterPACE are delighted to announce signing a contract with Ofil Systems to distribute corona cameras in the UK and Ireland. Ofil’s high quality cameras are a valuable tool in the network operator’s ongoing challenge to drive costs down and service levels up.

Investing in corona cameras allows utilities to gain insight into problem spots on their network, not only understanding where losses are occurring but identifying environmental factors such as humidity, contamination and coastal mist. This enables preventative actions that protect line assets and help plan maintenance schedules. It also helps to spot any problems rooted in design/installation issues or unfit components, a valuable tool for EPCs as well as operators.

While cost and other factors have limited the adoption of these cameras to date, managing this problem can deliver a strong payback in migrating from a time based maintenance schedule to a predictive schedule generated from condition data. This not only allows intervention where environmental or other factors are causing accelerated deterioration of line components, it can also mean longer maintenance periods where conditions are favourable. The other key opportunity for economies is around commissioning, where they can assist avoidance of project stretch or site revisits.

Ofil’s product range offers a full solution from handheld cameras through to drone and vehicle mounted, and the software platforms necessary to consolidate and utilise the data collected.

Contact PACE today to arrange a trial or demonstration of these cameras and discuss how they can support your project or ongoing operations.

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