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PACE Supporting Midland Mainline

Having moved into the heart of the construction phase on the electrification works for Midland Main Line, the project is building on the success of other cost-effective electrification schemes. Being a high profile project, this could be good news for electrification as a whole.

As with all electrification projects, foundations can move or refuse, and late design modifications from these are a real challenge for materials management. In the case of Midland Main Line, they have not suffered as much as other projects, but there have been four occasions to date where they called on PACE Networks with urgent cantilever requirements. Thanks to our UK stockholding of Omnia components we were able to ship product twice in 7 days, once in 3 days and once on a same day delivery.

PACE Networks Rail Business Development Director Simon Park commented “PACE made a significant investment in a range of overhead line equipment at the start of 2018 and we’ve already been able to support Shotts, SDA, Walsall-Rugeley, and now Midland Main Line with rapid deliveries. We’re committed to providing the service and support needed for a stronger supply chain, helping create a more sustainable, consistent electrification industry.

Our central pool of cantilever stock has already supplied eight projects in all, and the success of those supplies has led us to recently announce increasing those stocks to 1000+ to support CP6 projects.”

PACE Networks has shipped over 4,000 Omnia cantilevers to date, and by holding components, can fulfil the full range of cantilever assemblies. PACE put a particular emphasis on the less common components, which can often prove critical in the latter stages of construction.

At PACE we also stock droppers, earth clamps, PG clamps, bridge droppers, and under bridge arms.

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