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Winter NewsletterPACE and RIBE were recently called on to investigate a single span experiencing vibration problems, despite dampers being in place.

The span in question was experiencing high frequency, low amplitude Aeolian conductor vibration from the natural wind flow. This situation can occur where generic placement charts/vibration approaches are used to blanket cover lines.

There are a number of options to look at in such a situation from minor interventions like the use of different dampers or creation of a custom placement chart, through to tuning of standard dampers to a specific frequency range or potentially looking at interphase spacers in extreme/long-wave scenarios. In each case PACE and RIBE offer an in depth understanding and experience of tackling these issues built upon RIBE’s vibration specialists and vibration laboratories in Germany.

Many global operators have called on RIBE’s expertise in solving line vibration problems with vibration studies and energy balance calculations to ensure damping systems are designed effectively and the overhead line life span is not affected. This may include situations such as long spans and outside factors such as aircraft warning spheres and wind energy generation. RIBE’s mechanical test laboratory was refreshed in 2020 and moved to their state of the art manufacturing facility at Roth, giving them greater capacity to support client requirements.

In addition to solving vibration challenges, the German manufacturer can also offer opportunities to optimise damper placement on lines, leading to project and operational savings.


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