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PACE Awarded Bonomi and Rebosio Distribution

PACE Networks have expanded our existing power grid and overhead line distribution service to cover rail electrification infrastructure, signing agreements with Bonomi and Rebosio to stock and distribute their range of Omnia cantilevers, insulators and components.

Operating from an expanded Gloucestershire headquarters and distribution centre, PACE Networks offer short lead-time fulfilment of cantilever assemblies, cantilever sub-assemblies, droppers, insulators, clamps, components and fittings.

We are working with many UK rail electrification contractors to supply enhanced-in-advance material management and fulfilment of material needs, on time and within budget. We represent the best value for all Omnia and associated products, especially where lead times are short or volume requirements are low.

We hold the following stock:

  • Cantilever assemblies: The complete Omnia range, including stock at sub-assembly level. This includes Omnia cantilevers and mast brackets, as well as underbridge arms.
  • Droppers: The new Bonomi dropper clamp and adjustable droppers.
  • Insulators: Including strut insulators, underbridge arms and ATF insulators.
  • Clamps: Full range of PG clamps, mast clamps, earth clamps, contact wire clamps, catenary wire supports and contact wire clamps.
  • Components and fittings: A range of maintenance components, fittings and consumables.

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