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The Rail Plant Specialist

NAEF are highly specialised in the design, construction, maintenance and repair of innovative customised rail plant equipment. Founded in 2005, NAEF provide custom-designed locomotives that can be built in a modular fashion, including overhead line vehicles, flat wagons and concrete mixer wagons. All vehicles meet strict EU emissions standards.
Rail Plant Product Line Examples:
  • Multipurpose Work Platform
  • Overhead Line Vehicle
  • Motorised Work Platform SM55
  • Type N51 Locomotive 510 hp
  • Type L290 Locomotive
  • 24 Ton Flat Wagon
  • Concrete Mixer Wagons
  • 30 Ton Flat Wagon

Custom-Designed for Your Requirements

NAEF’s custom-designed rail plant offers the ultimate flexibility to the customer. Each vehicle is tailored to meet the individual client and their specific requirements, such as the engine power, maximum payload, truck gauge and required equipment modules. The various modules expand the options available for bespoke rail plant even further, allowing customers to build exactly what they require.

Design & Manufacture of Rail Plant

NAEF’s team of expert engineers provide an exceptional level of support to customers throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery process. Their state-of-the-art CAD software and systems enables the team to execute structural analysis using finite element method.

Additional services offered by NAEF include partial or complete refurbishment services on out-of-date or damaged equipment, and on-site maintenance using highly qualified engineers to ensure customers can minimise plant downtime.

NAEF SRL Railway Workshop


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