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Morris Line Announce New Setup and Commissioning Service

Bridgend-based Morris Line Engineering are launching a new setup and commissioning service for installers, to ensure that MLE switches, disconnectors and earth switches are setup and ready for operation first time.

This service is provided by experienced engineers who are familiar with Morris Line’s equipment as well as the broader OLE environment. By avoiding repeat site visits, the service will save project time and cost, as well as saving operating costs for asset owners, with accurately setup switches out-lasting their design life.

The service helps installation contractors to avoid delays and costs, especially if they do not regularly work with isolation equipment. Even for contractors that know the equipment, it provides a cost-effective expert resource that avoids taking experienced staff away from other project demands, while preventing handover delays.

Morris Line’s service delivers on setting up motorised and manual switches, and can be performed with or without power to the OLE.

This service takes care of setting up the already-installed mechanism/handle, operating gear and switch, ensuring they are working as a system that does not require any maintenance through the switch lifespan – beyond greasing the contacts every 7 years.

The service can be ordered when procuring Morris Line’s switches – or separately, when an install is scheduled. It is subject to availability, with Morris Line typically able to deliver in 6 or more weeks – and often able to support sooner.

Morris Line will be making a further announcement in the near future about a new training scheme that supports contractors who wish to do their own installations, to ensure that asset owners always receive well-setup equipment. The course will train up OLE workers and they will be authorised to install Morris Line equipment. After a notice period of some months it will be a requirement of the warranty that contractors either put their staff through the training course, or use Morris Line’s service to avoid invalidating the equipment warranty.

The new Service follows on from Morris Line’s recent approval for remotely securing switches and reaffirms their long standing commitment to the UK rail industry.

More information about this service can be obtained by contacting Morris Line Engineering or PACE Networks.

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