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Do you install Morris Line Engineering switches or disconnectors?

Morris Line Engineering

New videos available from PACE to guide your installations

PACE Networks has developed a series of short, step-by-step videos to help installers working with MLE switches and disconnectors. This forms part of PACE’s commitment to best practice in the UK rail industry.

Upgrading an 800AMP Disconnector
to a 1250AMP Disconnector

(using the existing Base, Bearing & Earth post if fitted)

Upgrading a 1250AMP
Disconnector to a
1250AMP Switch

(by installing a vacuum bottle)

Assembling a
3 position
track switch


Upgrading from
Manual to Motor Operation

(on a Morris Line Track Switch)

Electric Operation
CAM adjustment



Unboxing a 3-position
Morris Line Engineering
Track Switch

Arc Chute
Installation for 25kV,
1250A Track Switches

OLE Testing
and Earthing


Morris Line Engineering

Bespoke Low Voltage Solutions
for the Rail Industry

  • Switchgear
  • Packaged substations
  • Motor control centres
  • Control panels

Over 40 years
of continued innovation

Investment in research, development & design

and manufacturing

Our values –
long term partnerships

Core industries:
Solutions for commercial, industrial, utilities, rail, oil & gas


Full industry certifications

Industry Certifications
PACE Networks

PACE NETWORKS partners with European manufacturers Bonomi, Omnia, Morris Line Engineering (MLE) and Rebosio to provide the UK rail industry with a portfolio of innovative technologies.

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