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Do you install Morris Line Engineering switches or disconnectors?


New videos available from PACE to guide your installations

PACE Networks has developed a series of short, step-by-step videos to help installers working with MLE switches and disconnectors. This
forms part of PACE’s commitment to best practice in the UK rail industry.

upgrading 800AMP disconnector

Upgrading an 800AMP Disconnector
to a 1250AMP Disconnector

(using the existing Base, Bearing & Earth post if fitted)

upgrading to a 1250AMP switch

Upgrading a 1250AMP
Disconnector to a
1250AMP Switch

(by installing a vacuum bottle)

assembling a 3 position track switch

Assembling a
3 position
track switch

upgrading to motor operation

Upgrading from
Manual to Motor Operation

(on a Morris Line Track Switch)

electric operation and cam adjustment

Electric Operation
CAM adjustment

routine maintenance


unboxing a 3-position MLE track switch

Unboxing a 3-position
Morris Line Engineering
Track Switch

arc chute installation

Arc Chute
Installation for 25kV,
1250A Track Switches

OLE testing & earthing

OLE Testing
and Earthing

Morris Line Engineering

Bespoke Low Voltage Solutions
for the Rail Industry

  • Switchgear
  • Packaged substations
  • Motor control centres
  • Control panels
over 40 years of innovation
Over 40 years
of continued innovation
investment in research, development & design
Investment in research, development & design
proven innovation
and manufacturing
strong values
Our values –
long term partnerships
solutions for core industries
Core industries:
Solutions for commercial, industrial, utilities, rail, oil & gas
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Full industry certifications

Industry Certifications


PACE Networks

PACE NETWORKS partners with European manufacturers Bonomi, Omnia, Morris Line Engineering (MLE) and Rebosio to provide the UK rail industry with a portfolio of innovative technologies.


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