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Light Rail Solutions
from Bonomi Group

Today’s cities need intelligent designs and engineering to help overcome the escalating transport issues of growing traffic congestion, pollution and greater car dependency. Light rail solutions, such as tramways, have been enabling city planners and administrators to deliver environmentally friendly transport solutions that will ease congestion, be cost effective, reliable, sustainable and improve the quality of urban life.

Introducing Leonardo

Introducing Leonardo:
The New Tramway System

leonardo tramway system

Introducing Leonardo, the new tramway system from our European partner Bonomi Group. The new tramway system delivers a complete and flexible set of technical and infrastructure elements that can effortlessly be configured to allow for urban fixtures, such as lighting, signs, traffic lights, waste containers or advertising banners.

This light rail solution is a technical innovation that reduces the environmental impact with the use of recyclable materials such as aluminium and steel used for the cantilevers. Bonomi Group’s understanding of systems and manufacturing delivers an efficient arrangement to designers, as well as pleasing aesthetics.

Watch the 5-minute video below from Bonomi Group
to learn more about Leonardo:

leonardo video

Bonomi’s Leonardo System Includes

As a configurable tramway system, Bonomi’s Leonardo light rail solution includes:

leonardo mast


The mast is an essential part of the Leonardo system that accommodates the configurable components such as the lighting and street fixtures. Its geometric design allows the mast to be used with a vast range of existing foundations. The mast’s honeycomb design is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

leonardo cantilever


Suspensions on cantilevers for straight tracks, curves and underbridge passages. Leonardo offers tailor-made solutions for fixed or regulated conductor lines up to 300mm2.

leonardo cross-span


Elastic suspensions with steady arms by means of transverse pieces between masts or buildings. Bonomi’s crossing suspensions guarantee smart assembly and easy setting up of overhead lines for track switching and tramway crossing.

leonardo knife-switch


The design casing of the knife-switch is designed to merge seamlessly with the materials of the mast, limiting the visual impact that the knife-switch would have on the urban environment.

leonardo lighting


The lighting fixture at the top of the mast provides effective and efficient lighting guaranteed for roads classified M3 and M5 with a distance of up to 50m from the lighting points.

leonardo street fixture

Street Fixtures

What makes Leonardo unique, is it can be integrated with any form of road and lighting signs, advertising banners waste containers and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

Bespoke Light Rail Solutions

Our manufacturing partners Bonomi Group and RIBE can provide tailored solutions to deal with all urban environment limitations. From traditional light weight cantilever assemblies to headspans, we can provide bespoke solutions needed for your difficult environments. For more information on our bespoke light rail solutions, please contact PACE Networks here.

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