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European Market Leader in Tower Structures for Power
Transmission and Rail Electrification

Consorzio Europa 2000 (CE 2000) is a permanent consortium established in 1995 between ‘Colombo Spa’ and ‘C.M.B. Srl.’, two Italian manufacturers of steel structures. The consortium enables the two companies to combine experience, capacity and expertise to face the challenges of the European and International markets for the design and supply of steel structures.
The CE2000 product portfolio includes:
  • Power transmission towers
  • Power transmission gantries
  • Power transmission substation supports
  • Rail electrification structures
  • Rail electrification gantries
  • Communication: Civil & building structures

Innovative Designs for Power Transmission, Telecommunication & Railway Electrification

CE2000 provide a range of innovative designs with the focus fields being Power Transmission (towers, gantries and supports for electrical substations up to 400 kV), Telecommunication and Railway Electrification (gantries and supports). CE 2000 are a European leader in tower structure design and manufacture.

European case studies are available in: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Romania & Switzerland.


In order to maximise the consortium benefits of quality and delivery, production of the product is usually allocated in one of two factories. All CE2000’s manufacturing activities adhere to the procedures set up by the Quality Control Manual. Workshops are equipped with the most up-to-date CNC machines and equipment supported by CAM tools and a specialised software for orders management.

Innovative Design & Engineering

Their highly qualified technical department are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the various client requests and are ready to support all customers in the selection, design, detailing and testing of the constructions. CE 2000’s state-of-the-art engineering office is equipped with all the latest software for delivering structures calculation and design, bi and three dimensional drawing, detailing design and workshop drawings.

Specific experience has been gained in the field of Transmission Lines, where the technical team are able to develop and supervise the entire Tower manufacturing process including design, calculation and Tower testing. The design team has a significant portfolio of 3D modelling CAD and FEA tools.

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