Transmission Insulators and Accessories

Customers choose Rebosio transmission insulators due to:

  • No reported failures from more than half a million insulators installed in the last 25 years. Rebosio’s high standards of manufacturing and quality processes have been inspected by a number of UK utilities.
  • Consistency of our solution through that time, due to intensive investigations and testing before launching Isoflon-E to the market.
  • Rebosio has invested in long profile moulding machines, ensuring maximum integrity in the silicone material and production economies.
  • Rebosio’s in-house rod manufacturer gives us industry leading understanding of rod technologies.
  • Extensive range of suspension, tension and post approved products for the UK market.
  • Outstanding performance in polluted and saline conditions.
  • Cost efficiencies in terms of capital investment and operational savings.


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