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Your UK Stockist for Rail and Power Grid

PACE Networks are your trusted UK stockists for Rail and Power Grid infrastructure, providing essential parts to the industry available for immediate delivery.

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UK Stocking and Distribution Operation

PACE Networks are pleased to expand upon their value-added services; currently covering project planning assistance, material management services, cantilever and sub assembly re-work and re-certification; with the introduction of stocking and distribution, as your trusted UK stockists for rail and power grid infrastructure.

Utilising PACE Networks’ stocking and distribution services can assist with deliveries at short notice to reduce lead time delays that may arise from late project specification changes.

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PACE Rail Stock

PACE Networks have expanded their existing UK stocking and distribution operation to encompass UK off the shelf supply of Bonomi’s Omnia cantilever, held as sub assembly. Stocking products based upon historical trends, with additional “hard to find” items being held in support of late design changes. The sub assembly approach to stocking gives PACE flexibility in what can be built to best fit your requirements.


We hold the following rail stock:

  • Cantilever assemblies – The complete Omnia range, including stock at sub-assembly level. This includes Omnia cantilevers and neutral sections, as well as underbridge arms.
  • Droppers (adjustable and flexible) – The new Bonomi dropper clamp and adjustable droppers.
  • Insulators – Including strut insulators, underbridge arms and ATF insulators.
  • Clamps (PG and mast clamps) – Full range of PG clamps, mast clamps, earth clamps, contact wire clamps, catenary wire supports and contact wire clamps.
  • Components and fittings – A range of maintenance components, fittings and consumables.
PACE Rail Stock

PACE Power Grid Stock

By stocking polymeric insulators, BS fittings and conductor fittings products from our European Partners including Rebosio and RIBE, PACE Networks can offer customers short lead times so that more immediate requirements are reliably met without shipping delays. PACE Networks supply a range of materials to your projects, as well as emergency supplies for unexpected requirements. PACE will also be holding spare components, nuts and bolts etc.

Power Grid Stock

We hold the following Transmission & Distribution stock:

  • Insulators – Tension, suspension and post types in the range 33kv to 132kv.
  • BS Fittings – Comprehensive range of 15/XX; 28/XX & 42/XX products.
  • Vibration Dampers – Stockbridge Vibration Dampers, to suit a range of conductor sizes and types. Both Bolted and Helical fitting. Spiral type for Trident / Lower Voltage designs.
  • Conductor Fittings – Including Wedge Clamps, Helical fittings, Compression Dead Ends, Suspension Shoes, Top Clamps and Protection Rods.

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Please contact the PACE Networks team by email, phone +44 (0)1285 323 525 or using the online form here. You should expect to receive a quotation back within 2 working days (usually within 1). If you can please include any information regarding technical specifications and required dates, PACE will quote accordingly.

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