RIBE - Electrical FittingsConnecting the world for over a century, RIBE was founded in 1911 at Schwabach in Germany. RIBE is a leading developer and manufacturer of mechanical fastening elements, technical springs and electrical fittings.

RIBE has over 1300 employees operating to strict European quality standards. Power supply systems have been part of the RIBE core business for decades, and with their intelligent design solutions comes RIBE’s number one focus, delivering reliable network operation.

Infrastructure for tomorrow and beyond.

Products incude:

Conductor Fittings

  • Wedge Clamps
  • Compression Dead Ends
  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Suspension Clamps
  • Mechanical Clamps
  • Post Insulator Clamps

Insulator String Fittings

  • Castings to BS 3288
  • Links, Plates & Yokes to BS 3288
  • Arcing Devices
  • Grading Rings

Vibration Control

  • Stockbridge Dampers
  • Spacer Dampers

OPTOFIT – Fittings for Fibre Optic Aerial Cables

  • Includes Dead Ends, Armour Grip Suspension & Vibration Control for OPGW, OPPC, ADSS, etc.

Helical Fittings

  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Insulator Ties
  • Armour Rods


  • Bird Flight Diverters
  • Interphase Spacers

For further information on where RIBE products could fit your requirements please contact the PACE Networks team.

T: +44 (0)1285 323 525
E: info@pace-networks.co.uk


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