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RIBE Electrical Fittings – Connecting the World

RIBE are market leaders in the design and manufacture of power supply, data transmission and rail transport infrastructure systems. From medium to extra-high voltage, RIBE electrical fittings offer customers convincing performance with the highest reliability, intelligent design and extraordinary value.

Leading Global Supplier of Electrical Fittings, Mechanical Fasteners & Technical Springs

RIBE was founded as “Fabrik elektrischer Apparate” (Electrical Equipment Works) in 1902 and was the first manufacturer in the world to produce electrical fittings. Over 100 years of development, design and production make the family business one a leading global supplier of electrical fittings, mechanical fasteners and technical springs. With over 1,300 employees and a sales revenue of hundreds of millions, the RIBE Group constantly strives for innovations and the highest standards.

With high energy and data networks there is a high requirement for stability, safety, reliability and performance – this is why customers all over the world utilise high quality products from RIBE.

RIBE® connects the world

At the heart of RIBE’s strategy is – RIBE® connects the world. RIBE is a family enterprise business with over 100 years of experience and the power to innovate.

Richard Bergner Holding GmbH & Co. KG is among the leading developers and manufacturers of mechanical fastening elements, technical springs and electrical fittings. We are the experts for excellent electrical connections with products and solutions for the automotive industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering, for power utilities and public transport companies.

RIBE® has around 1,300 employees at sites in Germany, the United States, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our coverage may be global, but we have still maintained our character as a family-operated SME: RIBE® connects the world while keeping close ties to our home sites of Schwabach and Radebeul.

Conductor Fittings

  • Wedge Clamps
  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Mechanical Clamps
  • Post Insulator Clamps

Insulator String Fittings

  • Arcing Devices
  • Grading Rings
  • Compression Dead Ends
  • Suspension Clamps

Helical Fittings

  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Insulator Ties
  • Armour Rods


Fittings for Fibre Optic Aerial Cables – Includes Dead Ends, Armour Grip Suspension & Vibration Control for OPGW, OPPC, ADSS, etc.


Vibration Control

  • Stockbridge Dampers
  • Spacer Dampers


  • Bird Flight Diverters
  • Interphase Spacers
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