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The Innovation Leader in Cantilevers – Simplicity is Priceless

Omnia are the innovation leader in cantilevers, including high speed rail. Thoroughly proven in the UK the Omnia cantilever system can be applied to railway, underground or tramway systems. Utilising modern materials and high-quality factory manufacturing techniques, Omnia delivers rapid installation and whole-life economies.

The Omnia Group was formed in 2008 as a partnership between Bonomi Group (including Bonomi Rebosio), SATFERR (Italian design house), and GCF (Italian rail contractor – previously known as Bonciani). The three companies brought together their respective expertise and experience in OLE manufacturing, design, and installation to create a product to solve many of today’s challenges at the catenary level.

After extensive consultation with Italian rail operators, the group developed a design brief to create a cantilever solution that would deliver a step change in safety and efficiency for installers and maintainers, whilst also improving reliability and flexibility to offer a longer service life and higher availability of the network.

Simplicity, Strength & Stability with Omnia Cantilevers

Omnia is a suspension for overhead lines that can be applied to railway, underground, metro, trolleybus or tramway. The Omnia system delivers great simplicity through ease of assembly and deployment, reduction in parts and a design that works, giving the user huge savings in the ownership of this equipment compared to traditional solutions.

Omnia’s unique central beam is both the core to Omnia’s strength and stability and the enabler of its simplicity for installation and maintenance. Omnia’s aluminium alloy structure brings a weight reduction of around 40% from a standard steel cantilever, a tools reduction from 5 to 2, the major component count from 12 to 5 and the number of nuts to tighten from 30 to 6.

Omnia features and benefits for the UK rail industry

The result of the Omnia Group’s collaborative design is a modern range of standardised lightweight aluminium cantilevers that deliver the following headline benefits to the rail industry:

Improved Safety:

  • Significantly less time working at height
  • Better health & safety for track workers
  • Reduced risk of installation related incidents

Maximise Possessions:

  • Efficient installations and maintenance
  • Faster recovery from dewirements
  • Adapts to changing track & support geometry
  • Less training, less errors


  • Product rationalisation
  • Asset lifespan extension

Product Lifespan and Reliability:

  • Zero maintenance product
  • Increased lifespan
  • Highly resilient insulators
  • Full batch traceability

Impact on Public Relations:

  • High availability network
  • Fresh & modern image of the railway to the public

Whole Life Cost Savings:

  • Simplicity is priceless
See the Omnia cantilever applied to the PACE Whole Life Cost and Value model here >>
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