Leading Rail Electrification Cantilever System

OMNIA - Simplicity is PricelessFormed in 2008, Omnia is a joint venture born out of 4 decades of OLE expertise in Italy. Senior designers from manufacturer Bonomi Group and design house Satffer worked in partnership with Italian contractor Acmar-Bonciani to create a cantilever for the modern rail environment. Utilising modern materials and high quality factory manufacturing techniques, Omnia delivers rapid installation and whole life economies.

Omnia’s unique central beam is both the core to Omnia’s strength and stability, and the enabler of it’s simplicity for installation and maintenance. Omnia’s aluminium alloy structure brings a weight reduction of around 40% from a standard steel cantilever, a tools reduction from 5 to 2, the major component count from 12 to 5 and the number of nuts to tighten from 30 to 6.

For information about Omnia installation tools please contact PACE Networks.

The key benefits of Omnia include:

Fastest Cantilever to install and maintain

  • less than one third of traditional systems and circa half of comparable modern solutions
  • simple, rapid adjustment for track changes in the horizontal plane

Pre-assembled Cantilever

  • manufactured to high quality standards throughout, with no track-side fabrication
  • batch traceability for all major components

Standardised Adjustable Assemblies

  • each Omnia assembly offers a range of 500mm horizontal plane adjustment
  • the majority of a project requirement can be covered by a handful of Omnia assemblies

A lightweight solution

  • safer working for installers and maintainers
  • less potential damage in the case of an incident

Asset lifecycle

  • large range of adjustment built into cantilevers means maximum chance of adjusting existing cant in the event of a track move
  • corrosion resistant for extended service life
  • beam structure reduces geometric movement for reduced maintenance

Omnia key aim: Improve Whole Life Cost & Value

Omnia delivers unrivalled whole life cost and whole life value, for further details please see the model below.



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