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Connecting Technologies

PACE Networks act as the connection between leading European Manufacturers and the power transmission, power distribution and rail electrification markets in the UK and Ireland.

We provide a portfolio of technologies including railway electrification infrastructure, rail plant equipment, transmission & distribution infrastructure, substation infrastructure and low voltage power equipment.

PACE Networks completes due-diligence to ensure we deliver products that are both technically innovative and robust as well as commercially strong for the customer.

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“PACE Networks are a partner that we value greatly. We work closely together to ensure we stay at the forefront of rail electrification and power grid innovation in the UK, we value their feedback, and they value ours, it is a strong partnership. The relationship with PACE Networks and the Bonomi Group goes back a long way, and we hope this continues for many years to come”

Diego Bonomi, Commercial Director,
Bonomi Group

“PACE Networks and Morris Line Engineering have enjoyed success together, and success does not come easy. It has come from strong collaboration, a thorough understanding of the industry both commercially and technically, listening to the customer and addressing their needs, and high quality levels of product development and innovation. We both value our partnership, and together we strive to offer the market place a quality service.”

Brian Jones, Board Director,
Morris Line Engineering

Your Project Partner

Our aim is for customers to see PACE Networks as an extension to their team. To achieve this, we offer a portfolio of services to meet their requirements.

Example services include being a stock and logistics partner, and a product and technical provision partner for customer projects.

Please liaise with the PACE Networks team to see how they can support you.

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Part of the Industry

The PACE team have daily communications within all angles of the Rail Electrification and Power Grid industries – from the operators, to the design houses, with contractors and of course our manufacturing technology partners. It gives us a fantastic position to learn about the industries and communicate within them.

We utilise this information to support our customers and, importantly, work with our manufacturing technology partners to ensure innovation is driven to meet the industry requirements.

We are proud to be an industry partner.

“PACE Networks are very much an extension of the Bonomi Group team, we are in constant contact to ensure the UK market receives high levels of service and support. Both Bonomi Group and PACE Networks have grown effectively together in the UK market, and this comes from strong communications, high levels of technical and commercial industry knowledge, and innovative high quality products. We make a good team.”

Luca Zanetti, Regional Export Manager,
Bonomi Group

“Our daily contact with operators, contractors, manufacturers and design houses ensures we are very much embedded into the industry. We really appreciate our opportunity to learn and share information, and we work closely with our technology partners to ensure a constant drive for innovation that fits the industry’s needs”

Jon Cullum, Director,
PACE Networks

Whole-Life Cost & Value

When developing relationships with our manufacturing technology partners, we have whole-life-cost and whole-life-value very much in our minds. It is about delivering the correct technologies to the industry – improving safety, increasing reliability, decreasing whole-life-cost and increasing whole-life-value.

To get a greater understanding of our whole life cost and whole value model, please visit the whole-life page >>

How Did We Get Here?

Significant industry experience and consistent growth

PACE Timeline
Brian Cullum ran a successful Power Distributor – DATE – Sold to Dulmison 1998 / Now part of TE
PACE Timeline
Brian Cullum began working with Rebosio insulators again as their UK agent
PACE Timeline
Sales consistently increased reaching £1.3M in 2011
PACE Timeline
PACE Networks formed between Brian Cullum and Jon Cullum
PACE Timeline
PACE reached £3m in overall sales and hired first Team PACE employee
PACE Timeline
PACE strengthened the team by hiring T&D Business Development Manager & Marketing Director
PACE Timeline
PACE hired Rail Business Development Director…& reached £5m in overall sales
PACE Timeline
PACE hired T&D Business Development Director & reached £7.5m in overall sales
PACE Timeline
Gavin Smith appointed as Managing Director of PACE Networks & PACE hired new Rail Business Development Director
PACE Timeline
PACE expanded UK stocking and distribution service for rail and power grid infrastructure with short lead times to meet project deadlines.
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