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PACE Networks provides the operators of high and low voltage networks in the UK with products to improve reliability & safety and reduce whole life costs.

This is achieved by being the link between leading international manufacturers and the UK Power Transmission, Power Distribution and Railway Electrification markets.

PACE Networks formed in January 2012 but has over 40 years industry experience in technical sales, marketing and distribution.

With close links to industry professionals in Design, Engineering, Management and Procurement, PACE is in a strong position to work with manufacturers to enable product positioning and solution development to meet client requirements.

Political, operational and financial influences are bringing new drivers to both the Rail and T&D markets. Considering capital cost and product life spans alone fails to recognize the importance of safety, installation costs, maintenance and product performance. With these new focuses in mind, PACE seeks out products and partners who have potential to deliver value and expertise to the UK market.


PACE Networks Industry Sectors

  • Transmission Polymeric Insulators – 110KV to 400KV
  • Distribution Polymeric Insulators – 11KV to 132KV
  • Rail Aluminium Cantilevers
  • Railway Polymeric Insulators – 25KV
  • Rail High Voltage Isolators and Disconnectors
  • Rail OLE Fittings including Droppers, Clamps & Tensioning Devices.
  • Rail Earthing & Bonding Equipment
  • LV Switchboards and Control Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical components and accessories
  • HV test equipment

PACE Networks key aim: Improve Whole Life Cost & Value

PACE Networks recognises the many elements of importance for a network operator. To highlight target areas PACE Networks created the whole life cost and value model as seen below:


About us

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